Tim Fitzgerald

KGE have been and continue to be a valuable partner to our business .Their staff are current, engaging, relevant and reliable. The KGE team take safety training to new levels with their approach and commitment to superior training methods and also the energy around engaging and audience. KGE will continue to be our choice when looking at anything safety.

Jamie Pope

KGE has been integral in establishing the leadership development and training with the benefits not only in rescue but also in business and life coming to fore immediately for Northparkes Mines and the Emergency Response Team.

A new level of professionalism has been achieved and sustained over the years from this program and I can not recommend this training highly enough for businesses looking to improve.


Mark Tomlinson

KGE Mines Rescue delivers a very high standard in all aspects of their training. With extensive mining experience, the KGE team deliver technical and practical information in a relaxed and enjoyable manner.

In addition to this they have a rare skill of being able to form a genuinely cohesive team from groups that seem to have little in common. I have no hesitation in recommending KGE Mines Rescue for any related training.

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Steve Hambrecht

KGE’s staff have a high level of knowledge of knowledge and experience relating to both the Rescue and Mining Industry allowing them to establish themselves as experts in the field. They are able to engage the audience quickly by building rapport and relaying information in terms that their audience understands.