KGE Mines Rescue draws on 35 years experience of consultation and training in the Australian Mining Industry and has provided specialised consultancy in the area of life support, safety and Mines Rescue

Whether it be a needs analysis, risk assessment or document writing, KGE Mines Rescue can offer expert advice and documentation.

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Risk Assessments

KGE Mines Rescue team can assist in developing risk management strategies that will eliminate the risk or manage the likelihood and consequences of an unfortunate event occurring. With over 35 years onsite experience the KGE team have the ability to think practically and provide effective solutions.

Training Needs analysis

KGE Mines Rescue recognises that organisations need to realise the potential of their employees in Emergency Response, and in doing so need to ensure that all Emergency Response personnel acquire the knowledge and skills required to respond to an emergency situation in a safe and timely manner.

By conducting gap analysis, the team at KGE Mines rescue can distinguish areas that need addressing and created a tailored training plan to up skill key personnel.

Customised Training

Not all needs fits perfectly in a box. Where possible, KGE Mines Rescue can customise nationally accredited units of competency and still be flexible enough to reflect the specific needs of each organisation

Technical and Document writing

KGE Mines Rescue now offers an exceptional Technical writer for all specialised document writing.