KGE Mines Rescue is an independently Australian owned company that specialises in the provision of nationally accredited safety training programs. KGE specialises in Emergency Response and Mine Rescue.

With over 35 years in the Mining and Rescue Industry, the KGE team draw from expertise and hands on experience to deliver new and innovative ways to up skill and empower teams in nationally accredited Safety training.

At KGE, the commitment is to deliver effective safety training solutions in an authentic, engaging and dynamic way.

KGE Mines Rescue offer Nationally Accredited programs in:

  • Certificate III in Emergency Response
  • Certificate III in Public Safety Fire fighting
  • Certificate IV in Public Safety Leadership
  • Working and Heights training
  • Confined Space training
  • First Aid training


All programs offered by KGE Mines Rescue have been individually developed by an emergency response professional with National Qualifications and extensive practical experience in course development.

KGE Mines Rescue’s programs are delivered by an enviable team of experience, expert and passionate trainers dedicated to superior training outcomes within the safety fields. We deliver from the industry to the industry Our ‘come to you’ approach optimises time efficiency and productivity as well as a seamless and cost effective solution to re-certify your workforce in line with State and industry standards.

We deliver Cert III and Cert IV in Public Safety and demonstrate leadership in Mine Rescue and Public Safety training that exceed industry standards to companies and sites across Australia From Mount Isa to Townsville in Queensland to Cowal in NSW. We deliver certified on-site training with targeted, customised learning experiences.

SOLUS POPULI SUPREMA LEX- Safety is of paramount concern